Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A small start with a little news: From last Aug 04 I have been keeping a very long version of a dairy of sorts. I wanted to document all the changes that I would go throught and so that months later like now I could go back and read back and apart from having a huge laught I would be able to see why for 2 years things went really awful for me in every part of my life.
Reading it now even thought it's not finished it's amazing. It has allowed me to see things in a new way than before. I would suggest that everyone should do this. It gives everything a point when before you lacked.
I won;t go in details of what were my findings but let's just say it's very interesting reading and so far I have sent it online to many of my international friends and they sent it to others and the responce I am getting is more than I could of asked for.

Thanks for everyone who has taken time to read and get back to me on your conclusions on the matter.


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